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We have reduced our already cheap corner sofas even further

Our Malta corner sofa and sirocco corner sofas our stylish and super comfy and a great choice for your home!

WAS £1,199 Then £699 NOW £599 - Available in left or right hand facing 


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  • Brunnel Set, main price for 3 + 2 Seater.
  • Bonded Leather.
  • Modern chrome feet.
  • Pocket sprung seating.
  • Includes detailed stiching.
  • Includes 12 months manufacture warranty.
  • Dimensions:
  • 3 Seater: H75cm x W198cm x D84cm
  • 2 Seater: H75cm x W160cm x D84cm
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It doesn’t get much better than taking the wrapping off a brand new sofa and placing your backside on it for the first time. That initial feeling of the fabric underneath, the glorious comfort your body feels as you sink into your new place of rest is pure bliss. These feelings you only get a few times in a lifetime. After all buying a new sofa isn’t something you do every other week. It’s a big purchase so it’s crucial to get it right.

And for most people buying the right sofa is as important as buying the right house. In fact I know of people that have decided whether or not to buy a house solely based on whether or not their sofa will fit.

A great sofa can last a lifetime. It becomes almost like a part of the family. After all, besides your bed the place you’ll probably spend the most time while you’re at home is on your sofa.

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Think about the most important purchases you’re likely to make in a lifetime. A house? Yes, for sure, if you can afford to buying a house is about as important as it gets. 

What about buying a car? Of course, buying the right car for the right price is crucial. We all need to get around. But of course it has to be at the right price too. We can’t all afford to get around in Mercedes and Audis.

Buying a bed? Yes for sure. Humans spend around one third of their lives asleep. So of course it’s important to make sure you buy the right bed.

What about buying a sofa? Well to be honest most people don’t think about buying a sofa as important lifetime purchase. It’s important, but for some reason it’s not in the same league as a house, car or bed.

But it should be. 

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Have you been looking for a sofa that is both cheap, good-looking that will also last you a life-time? Well then, you need look no further because the Brunnel sofa that we sell here at Sofa Savings does exactly that! For more information, read this post. 

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Are you ummming and ahhhing about whether to buy a leather of a fabric sofa? Well then here is an article that will make your life a bit easier. Check it out to find learn the advantages and disadvantages of both leather and fabric sofas. 

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12 Jan / 2015

The Woman Who Eats Sofas

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This woman can't stop eating sofas, to her all types of sofas just like your leather and fabric sofas at home are the most delicious thing to eat on the planet, but how is this affecting her health and relationships? 

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It is often hard to find a sofa that is not only practical but looks good as well, so here is some beautiful yet functional sofa beds to choose from that would look great in any home. At Sofa Savings we have a great range at affordable prices.

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Learn how to clean your leather sofa without damaging it by using the right products and techniques. If you follow the guide you will be able to keep your leather sofa looking brand new for years to come.  

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Have you ever experience difficulty getting your sofa through the door? By following these 8 simple steps you would have this problem again and moving your sofa will be a breeze!! 

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Have you ever wanted a couch that is not just your regular sofa? Check some of the world's craziest design and see if they went too far, or whether it is something you think should be a new feature in your home. 

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At Sofa Savings you can purchase all types of sofas at affordable prices but check out some of the most expensive designer couches. Are they good enough to make you reach into your wallet? 

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We have all encountered the problem at some point of too little space when buying a sofa it doesn't matter what kind - leather, recliner, fabric or corner sofas. Especially in this day and age of having a fairly tightly spaced room and then having to try and fit furniture into but still keep the room looking spacious is a common issue. Check out this sofas that will let you do exactly that! 

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Are you frustrated that you keep having to buy new sofas because your kids spill food or drink on it, your cats scratch it and your dogs make it smell? Here are some of the best sofas to buy which are durable enough to withstand your kids and pets. 

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Russians decided that a good way to entertain themselves was to attach sofas to the back of cars and get dragged along behind it at full speed. Not the typical way you think about using the new sofa you have just brought.

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Do you want a sofa that will last you for years to come, so you don't have to worry about replacing it every few years? Learn how to select a durable sofa by reading this insightful article. 

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Three roommates decided that they needed a new sofa for their apartment but could not afford to buy a new one.  Instead they decided to purchase a cheap sofa from their local Salvation Army shop in New York.  Purchasing the second hand cheap sofa from the shop back in March for just £33, the roommates thought that the sofa felt quite lumpy in places and had odd bulges.  However what they certainly did not expect was to find $40,000, or £24,000, hidden inside the cushions.

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