Reasons Why the Corner Sofa is so Popular

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The traditional sofa has been the mainstay of homes across the world for centuries but there is a newcomer to the scene that is taking the sofa world by storm.  The corner sofa, also referred to as the L shaped sofa or modular sofa, has risen in popularity over recent years and looks as if it will replace the traditional sofa in many people’s homes.

The reason that it has become so popular is because they are available in a variety of sizes and at different prices, ensuring that there will definitely be one that will suit your living area. Traditional sofas were often sat upon in an upright position, normally facing the TV or fireplace.  We would all face in the same direction and there would not be the ability to chat to other family members of guests unless you pulled your matching armchair up to the sofa.  The corner sofa has solved this problem as its design offers a more sociable and comfortable seating experience.  

The main reason that corner sofas are being purchased in such vast numbers is because they are excellent at saving space.  Our homes are getting increasingly smaller and so the corner sofa has the ability to be a room all of its own, it allows you to work and eat on it, socialise on it and offers a place for someone to sleep.  Some corner sofas can even be purchased with a built in iPod docking station, but at a price. Corner sofas can be purchased for many thousands of pounds but there are many models that can be purchased for £1,000 or less and are of excellent quality. These sofas still come with a guarantee, essential if you are purchasing a new corner sofa, and the company can still tell you how the sofa was made.

If you are intending on looking for a corner sofa then the first thing that you need to do is think of the size corner sofa that you need.  The biggest mistake made by people wanting to purchase a corner sofa is that they buy one that is too large for their sitting area.  They buy a corner sofa that fills the room rather than fits comfortably in it, which makes the corner sofa look unattractive because your room simply cannot accommodate it.  Therefore before you jump in and buy your corner sofa there are a few things that you need to consider.

The Size Of Your Family:  If you have a large family then the corner sofa is probably a great choice for your home.  Due to its modular arrangement the corner sofa allows you to have the room for at least two more people to sit on it than the standard three seater.  It is very versatile and can be tailored to suit your room.  

Layout Of Your Room:  The corner sofa is often wider and deeper than the traditional sofa and they do tend to take up more floor space.  This is great if you have a large room to fill because you have the space to allow the sofa to dominate, however if you have a small living area then check the dimensions of the sofa to make sure that it fits in comfortably.  A good way to check what your corner sofa will look like in your room is to lay newspapers on the floor where you want your sofa to be to give you an indication of the size, ensuring that it does not dwarf the room.

Check The Seating Arrangement:  A traditional sofa is often placed either in the middle of the room or up against a wall.  A corner sofa needs more thought, as you need to work out a practical arrangement for it to be able to suit your room.  Consider where your windows and doors are in the room and any other fittings that may be obstructed if the arrangement of the corner sofa is not correct.  Most corner sofas come in either left or right hand orientations and so you need to purchase one according to where you want the sofa to fit in your room.  

Dimensions:  As mentioned above corner sofas are often wider and deeper than traditional ones so you need to be accurate with your measurements.  Sometimes even a few centimetres can mean that the sofa will not fit in through your doorway so your dimensions need to be correct from the outset.  Corner sofas purchased from Buy-Sofas-Online can be erected for you within your home by our representatives, so if you are unsure whether you can fit the sofa in through your doorway perhaps it is best to enlist the help of the experts. 

Corner sofas are the way forward in terms of sofa design and are the choice of many when they consider purchasing a new sofa.  Buy-Sofas-Online have a vast array of quality corner sofas, available in both leather corner sofas and fabric corner sofas and all at unbeatable prices, up to 75% off the RRP.  So browse our collections today and opt for a corner sofa today that is of excellent quality but at truly amazing prices.

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