All You Need To Know About Leather Sofas

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Leather sofas are fantastic because they suit both modern and traditional decors.  They are always of a classic design and extremely hard wearing in people’s homes.  Leather sofas are always a popular sofa choice because of their longevity and unlike fabric sofas; leather sofas tend to look better with age just like a fine wine.  People tend to opt for a leather sofa because of its natural stain repellent qualities and that fact that it is resistant to many scuffs and knocks that our sofas tend to get through daily grind of family life. 

So if you are choosing a leather sofa for your home then it is best to decide which style of leather sofa would best suit your home.  Leather sofas come in many different styles from the traditional Chesterfields with the button back, similar to our , Sienna Leather Sofa Sets through to the modern boxy designs, such as our Rio leather sofa.  Whichever style sofa you decide on what you need to ensure is that the finish of the leather is of an excellent quality, as this will make all of the difference.  

Leather goes through a process of tanning to enable the leather to achieve its supple and soft look.  It is an ancient process used for centuries whereby the leather is infused with a tanning-rich bark.  However there are many variations in the quality of different leathers that results in them determining how durable the leather will be.  

It is a known fact that leather furniture lasts around five times longer than fabric if it is properly maintained.  It is the best choice of sofa for people with pets or children and it looks better with age.  You will also find that leather sofas are warm in winter and cool in summer due to it being a natural and not a man made material, which makes them even more desirable within the household.  

Considerations When Buying A Leather Sofa:

Frame:  We believe that a kiln-dried hardwood is always best for the frame of a leather sofa because this type of wood is durable and robust.  Woods such as Beach, Maple, Poplar and Oak are all good choices.  Wood such as pine is not such a good idea, as it tends to be a soft wood and therefore prone to splintering.  

Arms:  There are many various styles of arms on leather sofas.  There is the square arm, roll arm, straight arms or English Traditional.  

Support:  Again there are different types, such as the tied together coils or the cheaper option that has wire springs.  

Cushions:  Choose wisely in regards to the cushions on your leather sofa, as these are what make the sofa comfortable to sit on.  Cushions can be filled with many different materials such as high resilience foam, which allows the cushion to spring back to its original shape or goose down.  Goose down is a more expensive option and offers less support; you will find that these types of cushions have to be plumped often.  

Wear & Tear:  A good leather sofa will outlast a fabric sofa three times over.  That does not mean that fabric sofas are of poor quality but it is just the fact that fabric is not as durable as leather.  Faux leather, or imitation leather, is a good choice for families as it is a cheaper option and looks just as good.  Take for example our Franklin PU Black Faux Leather Sofa Collection, although it is faux leather it looks a lot more expensive than it is but the outlay is not as much.  We also have our Thames 2 Seater Black PU Leather Box Sofa, an excellent choice for those just purchasing their first home or as a sofa for a home office.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I choose a leather sofa?

As previously mentioned, a leather sofa will last up to five times as long as a fabric one, making it a wise investment.  It is easy to clean and very comfortable to sit on.  This is perhaps why the sales of leather sofas have increased three fold in the last ten years alone.  The advantages of a leather sofa are endless which is why they are such a popular furniture choice.

Will the leather crack over a period of time?

It is not the leather itself that cracks on a leather sofa but the colour finish that has been applied to it.  If this does happen it can be repaired quite easily but as mentioned, leather is very durable and can withstand heavy traffic areas.

How do I clean my leather sofa?

Leather is easily maintained and can be wiped over with a damp cloth.  Use a vacuum cleaner between the cushions to get rid of any build up of dust. We offer a care kit with all of our sofas to enable them to keep their appearance for many years.  

We hope this post has helped you understand the benefits of leather sofas and feel free to leave and questions or comments below realting to this post.

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