Different Styles Of Sofa

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There are many different styles of sofa to suit people’s needs, which is why we at Sofa Savings stock such as wide range.  We understand that our clients want different things from their sofa, below are various styles of sofa that we have available to suit you and your family’s needs.  We want your furniture to not only look great in your home but it should also fit both the homeowner and the home too. 

We feel that you need to ask yourself what you want from your sofa before you begin looking.  Are you the type to lie down on your sofa all day engrossed in a sports event or do you use your sofa to house all of the kids for an afternoon of movies or perhaps you prefer to use your sofa to curl up on and read the latest bestselling novel.  You also need to take into account the height of the people that are going to be using the sofa and whether they want to put their feet up because all of these things have to be considered so that you can choose the correct frame style.  

Classic sofa styles have been around for centuries because they suit our lifestyles.  Some of us use our sofas to take a quiet afternoon nap and so the three-seater sofa is best for this, mainly because it puts your heaviest weight, your hips, into the middle of the cushion.  If you choose a two-seater cushion and regularly take naps on it you will find that the edges of the cushion where they meet in the middle will slowly begin to break down and sometimes a hole will develop.  A two seater sofa is great for chatting and lounging on as they tend to have bigger cushions. Some people need support for their back when sitting down and so you will need to choose a sofa that has a tight back.  This sofa will have springs on the back rather than loose cushions, this type of frame is also perfect if you like to sit up straight on your sofa.

If you have a crowded or tight space in your room then perhaps a chaise that is placed at the end of your room could work much the same way as a recliner.  If however you are looking for a timeless piece of furniture we would suggest you opt for the classic three seater sofa that has loose cushions.  These cushions can be rotated so that they do not wear out too quickly.  Look at the height of the arms on the sofa as this is very important when choosing your sofa because it can offer great support to you when reading but high arms are not great if you like to lie flat on your sofa.  

You need to think about how you will sit on the sofa, even though this sounds ridiculous it is an important point.  If you choose a deep sofa but like to put your feet up you can often end up looking like a small child when you sink into the cushions.  Decide what you want to do most on your sofa and choose the frame accordingly.  

The fabric of the sofa is very important to the overall style.  Many people decide to go for the thickest fabric possible because they feel that it will be the most durable but this is not always the case.  Although thick chenille fabrics look amazing the pile can rub off if it so if you have pets or small children then this is something to consider because it may not be the best fabric for your sofa.  If you want a strong and stain resistant fabric then you need to find a fabric with a high synthetic content.  If you are looking for a comfortable fabric then choose either rayon or cotton because they are breatheable.  We find that the best fabric consist of two thirds synthetic such as acrylic or polyester and one third natural fibre.  Natural fibres such as cotton and linen are both comfortable and durable and work well in most homes.  Whatever fabric you eventually choose make sure that you know how to clean it without causing any long term damage.  

We also recommend that you measure your room before you choose a new sofa, many times clients have ordered a new sofa only to find that it will not fit into their room no matter how hard they try.  Do your research first so that the experience is an enjoyable one rather than a frustrating and exhausting one.  If you are ordering online then most good online retailer such as us will have a live chat room or a phone number so that you can ask questions that you may have about their ranges of sofas.  Make sure that you are really happy with your sofa choice because it will be with you for a number of years. 

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