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It is often hard to find a sofa that is not only practical but looks good as well, so here is some beautiful yet functional sofa beds to choose from that would look great in any home. At Sofa Savings we have a great range at affordable prices.

Many of us Brits don’t have the extra space in our homes for one of the rooms in the house to act as a spare room. That’s why sofa beds have become so popular, it’s a great way to save on that all important space whilst at the same time being able to accommodate guests, especially if they drop by at short notice.

However, you don’t want to be getting just any old sofa that will stick out like an ice sore in your living. You want something that is going to compliment and go with your existing décor. Therefore, we have put together this guide of the best looking examples you can get. There is a mixture between single and double sofa beds, which vary in price range.

Sleep Day Bed / Sofa Bed


This particular sofa bed changes into a double bed and the rolled bolster slides back a tad to offer the person who sleeps on it a headrest, which is perfect to lean against for a bit of bedtime reading. Unlike old fashioned or other sofa beds this one is sophisticated in both seating and sleeping forms.

ARGENT SOFA                


The Argent Sofa Bed is manufacture at a fantastic quality and is priced at extremely competitive rates. If you feel that the grey sofa as presented in the picture will not suit in your home that is not an issue because it comes in a variety of colours, including very colours that are very fashionable at the moment such as metallic silver and gold. Of course you do not have to go that bold because they are also produced in black and cream. If you are looking at frequently accommodating more than one guest or a couple, perhaps this is not the one for you as it only beds one.

KARLSTAD 3 SEAT            


If you have a family then this three seater sofa bed would great for you. Say you wanted to snuggle up on the couch with the kids and watch a film then the four of you could all easily cuddle up on this spacious sofa and watch a film. When guest come over it can then be transformed into a wonderful roomy bed for them to enjoy a good night sleep. In addition, there is also extra store space available under the seats that you could take advantage of.



For those of you that like to make a statement with your furniture and lean more to modern funkier style, this is the perfect sofa bed for you. Obviously this same sofa is produce in calmer patterns or plain if you aren’t that way inclined but for those of you looking for a more jazzy design to funk up a room then this is well worth looking into. 



If you want to offer your guest the maximum amount of comfortability, then you can’t get more comfortable than the George Contemporary Sofa Bed because it contains a sprung mattress. We all know that sofa beds often won’t give you the best night sleep but this is on another scale of comfortable.



Here is another stylish and comfy sofa bed. This one comes in a variation of sizes and price tags. You are able to purchase it in either a two or four seater and they come in different fabrics as well, such as leather.  This one is great for you if you are someone that likes having options, the various fabrics and sizes and colours allows you plenty of choices. 



Even though you might never use it, this sofa gives you the option to fold it out individually. This give you versatility because if you only have one guest coming over you can save yourself some time and only pull out one side of the sofa bed out.



A typical sofa design that has soft back cushioning and a pocket sprung mattress that guarantees you will sleep well all through the night.  All you have to do is remove the cushions unfold the bed mechanism to reveal the English Double Width Mattress 140 by 186cm. This sofa is so fantastic in terms of style because there is no way that you can tell that this is a sofa bed when it is not laid out and can still look like a beautiful statement piece for you to enjoy within your home. 

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